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Why GSL?

We are unique to our customers, because we put your current processes to the test, reducing your costs and increasing your competitiveness"

Business Sector and Professional Competence

Experience and professional competence in distribution logistics for manufacturers, retailers, producers, forwarding and transportation companies as well as postal operators. Therefore opportunities and risks of basic conditions and factors of influence can be assessed more quickly.

Methodological competence

No quick and hip shots, but tried and tested methods to solve problems in a structured and sustainable manner

Know-how Transfer

is particularly helpful if additional know-how or personnel capacities are required at short notice or if new skills simply need to be trained.


Anyone who can present problems well has not yet solved them. Therefore, priorities are set on the feasibility of the problem solving

Neutral and independent

The external view, ie the view from the outside to the inside, without the restrictive operational blindness, brings new perspectives and new impulses.

Management support

Supports management in finding a solution. Difficult and unpleasant decisions are also supported.


A clear mandate will get you fast results. Working times and expenses are therefore predictable.

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