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Operational Efficiency Assessment (OEA)

Action not just words!

"Competition is no longer just between companies, but between their supply chains."

Whether Six Sigma, ISO9001, EFQM, TQM or SCOR, companies are constantly in the process of acquiring the specific methodological knowledge (including the necessary software) and implementing it in everyday life. At the same time, they are confronted with new methods and techniques at regular intervals. All of this is only possible by building up internal and mostly (expensive) external resources that spend a lot of time collecting, analyzing and interpreting data, describing processes, creating manuals, developing checklists, conducting training courses and writing reports.
The Operation Efficiency Assessment (OEA) is innovative, cost-effective and, above all, a field-tested audit system with which every operational process (flow of goods, flow of information, flow of values) can be audited, regardless of the industry, product, or service.

Whether just a sub-process such as production or an entire national or international supply chain, the OEA is a direct and effective method of putting practice to the test, creates maximum transparency and identifies weak points, sources of danger and potential for cost savings.

In practice, it has been shown that an assessment over 2 days is already sufficient to achieve very good results.
What we guarantee in any case: A positive cost-benefit ratio. You are definitely on the safe side with us. 

The OEA consists of various modules, which are used depending on the situation. That is always the basis of our resource and time factor model.

Other modules used in an OEA


Werstromprozess von Unternehmen

Logistics assessment

The neutral assessment of all activities and risks also includes topics such as customs clearance, value added tax, indicator systems, supply chain security (Authorised Economic Operator), Incoterms

Logistics and supply chain simulation

The web-based simulation software W2MO from Logivations, which has won several awards, covers all issues relating to logistics processes in production, warehousing and distribution.
This includes, among other things
Supply chain design & controlling, national and international flows of goods, location optimization, container optimization, advanced slodding, just in time, kanban, deep machine learning or activity-based costing.

Supply Chain Law  Logistikbeurteilung

Lawyers are usually exports on special topics such as contract law, forwarding law and transport law. There is no overall assessment. This also includes compliance, EU supply chain law, digitization, risk management and much more. 

Freight cost audit

We know the current transport costs for all modes of transport. Give us a look at the bills and we'll tell you where you're paying too much and how you can save costs.transport advice


your problem

  • You would like to participate in a tender but lack internal resources and/or expertise.

  • You want to carry out an invitation to tender and need support in preparing the documents.

our solution
Whether you participate in a tender or carry out one yourself. The chances and dangers are equal. We have practical experience from a variety of projects. Why not learn from the mistakes of others?

Logistics assessment, supply chain assessment, transport consulting


Basically: everything that speaks in favor of outsourcing also speaks against it. Therefore, the savings must be at least 20% of today's logistics costs.
Already the question, of what the logistics costs include, often becomes a problem.

Iyour problem

  • You want to know ifoutsourcing is worthwhile. 

  • You want to know if a logistics project has actually brought the reported savings.

our solution
A neutral post-calculation brings clarity.

You benefit from the experience of our own projects in the field of contract logistics and transport, from the tender to implementation and operation; National and international.

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