Operation Efficiency Assessment (OEA)

It isn’t really difficult to create grand theories:

In practice, however, everything looks quite different.Therefore we analyse the work-flows in your operation on-site, with an efficient impact study and concrete results.

And all that in just seven days. Get onto the safe side with our Operation Efficiency Assessment.

Operation Efficiency Assessment: Action not just words!

The principles of the Operation Efficiency Assessment originated from an inspection process developed by the Swiss Postal Services for review of their workflows. Every package was carefully followed, all the way from sender to receiver. Beat Schlumpf, the Director of Logistics at that time, gleaned crucial knowledge from this exercise. The results of the practical investigation revealed the weaknesses in the theoretical aspects of the operation. One involved in hands-on analyses of the processes can optimize them more efficiently.
Today, the operation efficiency assessment system is a sophisticated tool for impact analysis and process optimization - based on decades of practical experience in all modes of transportation from road and rail transport to air and marine transportation, both national and international; in short, everywhere where the movement of goods, information and money is involved. While conventional quality assessment methods such as ISO or TQM primarily produce theoretically defined target conditions, we guarantee concrete progress thanks to "fieldwork". We are efficient and independent. And fast. And therefore cost-effective.
The Operation Efficiency Assessment process takes just seven days:

Days 1 and 2: Preparation. In close cooperation with the staff concerned, we record and precisely define the target and actual parameters of the division to be inspected.
Days 3 and 4: The audit. For two days we observe and carefully record the workflows and operational processes on-site from the first to the last seconds of the working day, and conduct discussions and interviews with the employees.
Days 5 and 6: Analysis and Evaluation We now collate all our observations, analyse them, and compare the results with two pre-defined reference days. In this process, we work with state-of-the-art technical resources such as computer simulations.
Day 7: The results. We present the management staff concerned our results in an easy-to-understand manner and make concrete proposals both for immediate, as well as for long-term increases of the efficiency and optimization of processes.

The practice has shown that an assessment over 2 days is sufficient to achieve very good results, especially for SMEs.

Naturally,  we are available on request in the days, weeks and months following the Audit to assist you in the implementation of the results in your operations. What we guarantee in all cases: A positive cost-benefit analysis in just seven days. Yes, with us, you are definitely on the safe side.