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Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization

We optimize your logistics
From the tiniest of details right up to the entire network, national and international logistics are literally in a permanent state of perpetual motion. Work processes and networks must therefore be continuously reviewed and improved. We analyse and optimize your logistics fast and that you always remain right on course.

Logistics Optimization: The best path from point A to point B
Beat Schlumpf's qualifications as a logistics consultant are one-of-a-kind!  Worldwide! During his career as a hands-on logistics specialist spanning more than 30 years, he worked not only at all levels of management but also with all modes of transportation from road and rail transport to air and marine transportation in all classes of speed and bulk. When things go wrong, he knows exactly where the shoe pinches. Obviously, he also has all the necessary tools, from computer simulations to draft contracts. And moreover, he has the right team.
Operative processes are recorded and analysed, quickly and efficiently. These could include small, but important details such as customs regulations and shipping lots. Or more significant aspects such as outsourcing and Supply Chain Security. Or the overall logistics network, nationally and internationally, for example, with a freight cost audit.
Our logistics optimization process yields clear results within just a few days. At the same time, we provide concrete proposals in an easy-to-understand manner both for immediate as well as for long-term increases in the efficiency and optimization of logistics processes – and for cost reduction.
Naturally, we are available to you upon request in the subsequent days, weeks, and months to assist you in the implementation of the results in your operations. With us, you definitely remain on course.

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