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Warehouse & Supply Chain Simulation

W2MO ® from Logivations
The multiple award-winning, web-based simulation software that covers all issues relating to logistics processes in production, warehouse and distribution.

  • Supply chain design & controlling.

  • New planning and expansion of logistics centres and hubs.

  • Optimization of existing systems (advanced slotting, load preview, 3D visualization, container optimization, personnel planning, virtual reality glasses).

  • Lean and efficient production logistics (modelling & simulation of processes, staging areas, assembly lines, determination of space and personnel requirements, JIT, JIS, Kanban).

  • Deep machine learning (real-time object & face recognition and from this optimization of processes).

  • Activity-Based-Costing: Extended process costing for the entire supply chain.

Warehouse and Supply Chain Simulation
Warehouse Simulation
Warehouse Simulation
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