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From the smallest aspect to the entire network, national and international logistics are literally constantly on the move. That is why work processes and networks have to be checked and improved again and again.
We analyze and optimize your logistics quickly and efficiently. So that you always stay on course.

Your Problem

  • You want to know how effective your Logistics and Supply Chain is.

  • You want an assessment of all activities and risks including customs, VAT, performance measurement system etc.

  • You want to know if the project you already realised had the declared return.

Thanks to our many years of practical experience, we know where the problem pinches when things aren't going right. Of course, we also have all the necessary tools, fromcomputer simulationsup tocontract templates.
Operational processes are recorded and assessed quickly and efficiently. These can be small but important details likecustoms regulationsand shipment sizes. Or bigger aspects like outsourcing andSupply Chain Security. Or the extensive logistics network, national and international. For example with a freight cost audit.
Our logistics assessment   gives clear results after just a few days. Accordingly, we make concrete suggestions in an understandable way for both immediate and long-term increases in efficiency and optimization of logistics processes and cost reductions.
Of course, if you wish, we will accompany you in the days, weeks and months that follow to implement the results in your company. With us you will definitely stay on course. Logistics assessment, supply chain assessment, transport consulting, supply chain consulting

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