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Delivering Operation Transparency

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GSL Consulting LLC
Experts for Logistics and Supply Chain Assessment

Assessment of operational logistics

GSL Consulting GmbH has a clear focus on the holistic assessment of operational logistics and supply chain management, nationally and internationally.

This specialization and the unique combination of more than 40 years of operational experience, independence and current methodological knowledge makes GSL a preferred partner when it comes to obtaining a comprehensive and quick assessment of entire value chains or sub-areas.

Why an "operational assessment"?

“We believed that with numbers alone we could dominate and control companies worldwide.         
A misconception, as the financial crisis is now painfully revealing. The limits are always set by the people".
Quote from Hans Vontobel – Honorary President of Bank Vontobel  (BZ 7.3.2009)

Service areas

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Operation Efficiency Assessment

Supply Chain Simulation.jpg
Supply Chain Simulation.jpg

Logistics and supply chain simulation


Supply Chain Law

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